Welcome To Harlow:

About Harlow:

Who we are, and who we are NOT

Full Disclosure—a salon with PERSONALITY.

In 2015 Kelli decided it was time to open a salon unlike any other in Charleston and pushed the envelope making Johns Island Harlow’s home. Somewhere with personality….. and a real life sense of “real” people. The moms, teachers, nurses, students, our neighbors, the women and men we stand behind in line at the grocery store. We are about REAL life. We all have our own personalities, and encourage our team to be themselves (along with our guests). We encourage the art and growth as stylists and building a relationship with YOU.

Harlow promotes the individuality of what we can all create together as the guest and stylist, for you to feel beautiful. We went to school for this! Communicate with us ( we LOVE photos ) and we will consult with you about the process.

Harlow is an experience because of this. We are not your average salon. We do not encourage or promote you bringing your children unless you are already a standing guest of Harlow. Our tools are expensive, hot, sharp, and we cannot babysit—other guests are there to relax.

We keep an open vibe and flowing conversation at Harlow. We talk about adult topics, and we make jokes- again, all things that set us apart from anywhere else.

We would love for you to be a part of our squad! Swing by and meet us!
XO—Harlow Squad

Our Promise

We promise to always look out for your best interest. We are dedicated to making you look and feel your best…after all, you are walking around with our names on your head….you HAVE to look good!

We are in this industry to be individuals…if you aren’t you, you’re everyone else.